Some Nice Low Close Birds...74 Raptors

Broadwinged Hawk Silhouette

Today the winds were quite good all day,which brought 74 raptors by Rosetta McClain Gardens. Many of the Sharpshinned Hawks and Kestrels were low today,not much above the tree tops and over us. A Bald Eagle at 12:20pm circled and was in view for at least 6 minutes. It put on quite a show,even diving a "gull" . The gull circled with the Bald Eagle,almost pursuing it. The local Coopers Hawk circled very near me allowing for a decent photo. We saw a Peregrine Falcon make a serious dive and attack an American Kestrel. It went into quite a dive. The AK dove for the cover of trees and the Peregrine pulled up. Peter,Walter,Carol,Berle,Lee,Tim and Glenn,enjoyed a very interesting day.
Broadwinged Hawk
Coopers Hawk In Flight
Bald Eagle and Gull

Our Final Total Was:
1-Turkey Vulture
2-Bald Eagles(both juveniles,12:20pm and 12:35pm)
2-Northern Harriers
31-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks(plus the local)
4-Broadwinged Hawks
5-Redtailed Hawks
23-American Kestrels
2-Peregrine Falcons
Tomorrow looks like another pretty good day. I'll be leaving at 2:30pm,if things are still flying I am sure Walter will be present.

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