6 Raptors on a very slow day

Today was very slow again,but a beautiful clear day and good company made it bearable. Brad,Pam,Carol,Bill,Walter and I saw only 6 raptors today. We saw:
2-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-American Kestrel
1-Redtailed Hawk

Right now the forecast doesnt look very good for raptor movements until next Saturday. I am not trying to be negative,but unless you are prepared to have long spells without birds,I would get some things done around the house in the next few days! There is a chance a push of Sharpshinned Hawks could happen. I believe the bulk of all Broadwinged Hawks will be gone by the next north wind day and that they will stay north of Toronto. While we didnt see a large movement of Broadwinged Hawks at Rosetta McClain Gardens,we had some great views of low ones. Hang in there gang,birdier days are coming.

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