Sept 12 Not What We'd Hoped For But Some Good Birds

Todays total was only 25. The winds were never what we expected. Unfortunately a group of photographers left disappointed Im sure,as anything that went by while they were present was very high. At 11:40am an adult Bald Eagle went by..there is a chance it is the same adult Bald Eagle which the gang at Cranberry Marsh saw at 11:15am. It was a very quick view. Lee,Walter,Peter Wood and friends,Bill,Ron,Bruce,Tall Peter,Bill/Sue and I are hoping for a good day tomorrow. Our total today was
1-Turkey Vulture
1-Bald Eagle
14-Sharpshinned Hawks
5-American Kestrels

Tomorrow still looks promising. With luck,birds have moved to within range and will fly past us tomorrow. Walter and I will be present very early,as will Bruce. Bring on the raptors!

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