Very Slow Day 8 Raptors...Better Days Ahead

Rosetta McClain Gardens Fountain(The Rock)

Today wasnt unexpectedly slow,but we have all been keeping an eye on the weather and there are definetly better days ahead. This weekend looks very promising,as does Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. We bottomed out today,spotting clouds that looked like birds. Todays images are provided courtesy Ann Brokelman. We often sit near the fountain and look skyward. As you may guess Rosetta McClain Gardens is a beautiful place to be even if too many birds arent flying!

Our total today consisted of:
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-American Kestrels
Saturday,a group of photographers may join us for the first time. A reminder that parking is somewhat limited at Rosetta. Earlier arrivals will have little troubles. Early groups of migrating Blue Jays were seen today,suggesting that large numbers of them will likely be seen this weekend too. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds whizzed past all day. Ann caught some beautiful shots of them too.

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