Nov 20th - Tufted Titmouse @ Rosetta!!!

So this morning I'm standing there all alone watching the sky for hawks and listening to the only sound in the park - a little bird squeekin' away in the big Blue Spruce beside me.  At first I thought that it was just another chickadee but eventually it clicked-in that something didn't sound quite right with this one.  I quickly searched the tree with my binoculars and eventually found the little fellow - a Tufted Titmouse!  This is the bird that I've wanted to see at Rosetta since day one!  Oh happy day!!!

bird species #210 for our 'Park' list!

Will look for it again tomorrow if the forecasted rain and/or snow allows me to.

BTW - No hawks counted today!

See you at the park,


Daniel LaFrance said...

Beautiful bird and capture, Walter.

It was nice seeing you and others gathered in the park, today.

tjfwhittam said...

Congratulations Walter! A great bird for Rosetta!

Walter Fisher said...

Thanks Daniel. It was a great surprise seeing you at the park as well today.

Thanks Terry. You just never know what will show up at Rosetta, eh? My goodness!