Nov 16th - More Butterflies Than Birds!!!

Yes, you read that right, more butterflies than birds!  And yes, it is November 16th!  Isn't that just crazy?  What will all these upcoming south and south-west wind days do for our hawk watching?

Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Other Birds:
Purple Finch - observed landing in the park twice today!

Cabbage White - 3 (possibly a 4th)

very fresh looking! (Walter)

just a shot to confirm it was a different individual (Walter)

a late Celery Looper moth (Walter)

Bill, Hugh, Rosemary, Terry, Carol, Betty, Bonnie, and one or two others.....sorry, I wasn't paying much attention today.

Weather Prediction:
Nov 17th - sunny switching to mainly sunny (isn't that the same as partly cloudy?) in the afternoon, E 30 km/h and gusting to 50km/h  (


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