Aug 2nd - The Second Day

The second day of the Watch went as expected...hazy, hot and humid!  Not much was happening in today's heat.  The best sighting was of a Peregrine Falcon flying in from the west just out over the lake.  It flew after one of the last remaining Bank Swallows but came up empty due to it's feeble attempt.  I didn't get a very good view of the excitement with my binoculars because for some unknown reason the lenses were completely covered in condensation INSIDE!  Not sure why this happened but I'll check online after I'm done here.  Thank God it didn't happen on a busy day!  Between all the socializing that I did today I was able to add not only the Peregrine but two more butterflies to our Species Survey.  The butterflies were Mourning Cloak and American Lady.

Again I'd like to thank everybody who stopped by today to say hello and wish us success.  If today was any kind of indication, the park should be full with people for the remainder of the long weekend.  Having so many folks moving around and enjoying the gardens makes it difficult to photograph butterflies and hummers, oh well, another day.  By-the-way, there were 3 more Hummingbirds today.  One landed high up in a nearby tree and returned to the gardens a couple of times.

Robin's nest

American Lady

Another Black Swallowtail

I haven't checked the weather for Sunday as yet but I'll be at the park for a while in the morning if the sun is out.


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