Aug 5th - Two Osprey

Today was not all that great for raptor migration with lots of haze/fog and no wind but we did manage to see 2 Osprey fly by.  Off and on rain did not make the morning any better.  One beautiful highlight was seeing the majestic Lancaster Bomber fly overhead on it's way from it's home in Hamilton to Goose Bay, Labrador.  This is first leg of a three to four leg flight to England.  It's heading there to join up with the only other airworthy Lancaster in the world.  They will both be touring the UK in a series of airshows and other events to commemorate 50 years since the last time two Lancansters ever flew together.

This is a 'slightly' edited photo of the big bird that I took today at Rosetta.  It must have been flying near it's full speed of 275 mph when it flew over.  Charlene and 'Crown Vic' Ron were also there to enjoy the flyby.


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