Aug 4th - Oops, Minus Bird One...Or

It appears that an Osprey might be hanging around along the bluffs as I received a text message from Lee saying that one just flew by the Watch site heading east.  It could be the same bird as yesterday...or it could be a new one from today that might have flown down from the north further west of the Watch site and flew eastward once it reached the lake.  It happens.  I will hold off counting anything that goes by for now until we get a better understanding of the situation.  This is why we normally start the Hawk Watch on August 1st instead of the 15th, to learn!

As for today, not much happened although the two local Red-tailed Hawks put on an entertaining show for everyone as they hunted along the bluffs and in the park.  At one point an American Kestrel flew up and followed one of the Red-tails briefly before moving along to the west.  I won't count him just yet either as he may be a 'local' as well.

Paul Reeves managed these great shots.

Today Lee, John, Pat & Nancy, Paul, Mark and Ron were at the Hawk Watch.


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Terry Whittam said...

As of Aug 4th, osprey's are still on their nests at Beaverton. Merlin's still feeding their young at Coopers Falls. They're coming! Terry 2