August 9th - 11 Bird Day!

With Wednesday and Thursday being too hot and humid for bird migration I really wasn't sure what to expect today even though the wind was right - northwest.  Cloud cover was good most of the morning which helped us spot a few of the high-fliers.  Between 8:30AM and 1:00PM we tallied 11 birds.  Here's where we're at:

Turkey Vulture - 6
Red-tailed Hawk - 4
American Kestrel - 1
Total - 11

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 6
Osprey - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 2
Red-tailed Hawk - 4
American Kestrel - 1
Merlin - 1
Total - 15

Frank's mom Diane, who was visiting us this morning spotted 5 Great Blue Herons as they flew over the center of the park together.  Throughout our time today we saw several Great Blues flying westward, most were out over the lake.  One though was way up just under the clouds!  Other birds of note were Mallard and Eastern Phoebe.  We're now up to 48 different species, not too bad for just 9 days.  No new butterflies or mammals to report.

As well as a wonderful visit with Diane, I also enjoyed the company of Cori, Berle, Murray, Hugh, Phil, Peter and another lady named Diane who is here from Calgary.  Terry popped in shortly after we had left but didn't see too much.  We had a good talk early in the AM comparing info about birds and birding and I was also able to get her a few 'Lifers' including a Northern Flicker (the yellow-shafted variety!)

There is a northwest wind predicted for Saturday morning with gusts up to 30 kms so perhaps, dare I say, we may see a couple more migrants fly by.  Let's hope!


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