August 6th - A Little Better!

Today went a little better than expected.  This morning while chatting away we saw a Merlin flash across the middle of the park and heading west.  Awhile later we had our first Sharp-shinned Hawk fly past just out over the edge of the bluffs.  Shortly after that we saw our now local Cooper's Hawk fly up and by very close.  An hour or so later we watched another 'Sharpie' fly along the same path as the first one.  We now have 4 birds counted for the season!

We added 3 new birds to our ever-growing 'Park' list, the Merlin, the Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Yellow Warbler which I forgot to add the other day.  That brings us up to a total of 45 different species.

There seemed to be fewer Bank Swallows flying over the park this morning so many of them might have left to go south already.

On hand for today's excitement were Phil, Gord, Lorne, Berle and Betty.  Terry was at the park between 1:30 - 2:00 PM but didn't have any luck unfortunately.


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