Slow Day ...Get Ready For Sun-Tues!! YTD...341

Today was another predictably slow day, winds,heat and humidity were against a good flight of birds. Walter and I packed it in by noon and Ann dropped in abit later spotting 2 more Sharpshinned Hawks to add to our total. Phil, Cori and Terry dropped in abit later and added 2 more Sharpies
 The final total today was:
11-Sharpshinned Hawks
12-Total Raptors

Thanks to Berle, Peter, Sheldon, Sue, Norm, Carol, Paul and Freda for joining Walter and I today. Its always a good time at Rosetta. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves despite only a few birds to see. Thanks to those mentioned who showed up after Walter and I left for the day, who added to our count.

We did see the local Coopers Hawk. More Blue Jays seemed to be around the park today,but the migration of them enmass hasnt begun yet.
Thanks to Paul Reeves for todays photos.
We did see a large number of Cedar Waxwings again, there must be many thousands of these beautiful birds out there! More Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were seen migrating and also several more Red-breasted Nuthatches.  Long Point Bird Observatory recently noted that there is an eruption of Red-breasted Nuthatches going on. That agrees with observations at Rosetta. Walter and I have been seeing large numbers going through since week 2 of August.  I know Ron Pittaway is working on his yearly, Cone and Seed Report, which he so ably uses to predict which species may be seen in abundance this winter in southern Ontario(and which are less likely). I know I await this report every year. It seems to be incredibly accurate.

Sunday through Tuesday still look like they could be excellent days. Keep your eyes on the weather incase this changes.
 For anyone attending the Canadian Peregrine  Foundation  BBQ, keep in mind there is a rain date of Sun Sept 9th if it rains excessively Saturday, which as of typing is currently predicted. Everyone should be there by 430pm as the gate to Kortright is closed by 430pm.

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