24 Birds...YTD...329 Good Friends Good Fun

Today was overall a very slow day. Most birds had been seen by noon and only a few Sharpies were seen after that. Today was just a really nice day to be at the park. Many visitors came despite less than ideal conditions. Joining Walter and I today were Tom, Norm, Ann and her daughter Julie, Carol, Berle, Peter, Lorne, Bruce M, Leon and old friends from High Park Terry and Elizabeth Sheils. I was interviewed by Birch Cliff News. I will post the link once the story runs.
 Our biggest excitement of the day was provided by a little Sharpshinned Hawk. It was coming along slowly taking its sweet time as they often do,when it went into a stoop. It emerged many minutes later. We were unable to tell if he had caught his lunch or not as he flew past.
Thanks to Ann for this unique photo of the Sharpshinned Hawk in its dive.
 This is a Sharpshinned Hawk Ann snapped.
 Here is an American Kestrel in a glide. Note the rusty tail. Diagnostic of it being a Kestrel rather than a similar sized Sharpshinned Hawk.
Another beautiful American Kestrel courtesy of Ann Brokelman.
Todays totals included:
16-Sharpshinned Hawks
5-American Kestrels
24-Total Raptors
(sorry again for the alignment..each day is a new adventure)
Sunday looks like a chance for a big day, watch for the N wind to blow. The next few days there is rain in the forecast. Someone may or may not be present. Any birds you see please let us know.

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