69 Raptors..5 Bald Eagles, YTD...410

     Today we had a good day with better than expected winds. Phil, Lee, Murray, Berle, Sheldon, Betty, Terry Walter and I spotted 68 raptors. Almost all were very high.  Sharpshinned Hawks were the most plentiful bird seen today, as expected this time of year. Although the Bald Eagles were high,they always thrill those gathered. Thanks to some excellent spotting by Phil and later by Lee and Murray, a total of 5 Bald Eagles were seen. Of those we could age, 2 were adults and one a juvenile.
     Another solid total of 7 Osprey were seen, 2 came through together.
Our final total was:
5-Bald Eagles 10:30am, an adult and a juvenile at 12pm, an adult at 1:45pm, 1:54pm
2-Northern Harriers
34-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
10-Broadwinged Hawks
3-Redtailed Hawks
5-American Kestrels
1-Peregrine Falcon
69-Total Raptors

At the rate the weather is changing Id best not try to predict it. Suffice to say just keep checking and watching for the North element winds with Northwest being best. Since yesterday all the winds have changed and likely will again.

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