Special Update:Peregrine Falcon ID'd

Back in October,Ann got some really good photos of a passing Peregrine Falcon. So good,you could read its band numbers. It had a black over red 79 over H band with a purple US Fish and Wildlife band on it. As the falcon was of this years young,records werent published online yet. Recently I saw a post on a falcon forum with information about a Peregrine with band numbers close to the one in Ann's photos. I inquired with the posters who are with Ohio DNR(similar to our Ministry of Natural Resources). They informed us that the Peregrine in question was from east Cleveland Ohio,from a nest at the Lakeshore Powerplant and that the staff there had named her Centeniel.They have been informed and are very pleased to know she was alive and well. Ann graciously allowed me to post the photos on the Ohio board and in a report on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation website. See the report and a couple of photos http://www.peregrine-foundation.ca/w/2011/12/sightings/record-raptor-count-and-idd-peregrine/
From time to time this winter I will update the site,with great photos or interesting stories our watchers or readers submit. Please feel free to contribute observations or photos about hawks or owls or issues affecting either. It is an irruptive year for Snowy Owls so lets hope we can all get out and see some!

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Lee said...

I'm glad the blog will keep going over the winter, I always miss it when the Watch ends.