Special Post - The Final Numbers

Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch 2011
16 new records and 1 tied record - the result of everyone's involvement. Thank you all once again. Enjoy!

Turkey Vulture:
1866 - Best Year ever!
1726 (October) - Best Month ever!
774 (October 1st) - Best Day ever!

125 - 2nd best Year ever!

Bald Eagle:
67 - 2nd best Year ever!

Northern Harrier:
212 - 4th best Year ever!

Sharp-shinned Hawk:
1781 - 5th best Year ever!

Cooper's Hawk:
96 - 2nd best Year ever!
14 (October 1st) - Best Day ever!

Northern Goshawk:
20 - 3rd best Year ever!

Red-shouldered Hawk:
29 - Tied best Year ever!

Broad-winged Hawk:
757 - Best Year ever!
731 (September) - Best Month ever!
605 (September 16th) - Best Day ever!

Red-tailed Hawk:
858 - Best Year ever!
327 (November 4th) - Best Day ever!

Rough-legged Hawk:
9 - Tied 3rd best Year ever!

Golden Eagle:
5 - Tied 3rd best Year ever!

American Kestrel:
624 - 3rd best Year ever!
233 (October 1st) - Best Day ever!

130 - Best Year ever!
72 (October) - Best Month ever!
17 (October 17th) - Best Day ever!

Peregrine Falcon:
47 - 5th best Year ever!

All Birds:
6626 - Best Year ever!
3506 (October) - Best Month ever!
1305 (October 1st) - Best Day ever!

I found these closing comments on Ontbirds.com in the November 30th report from Bob Pettit of the Holiday Beach Hawk Watch:
"Reports are that Red-tails are hanging out north of Toronto and
elsewhere just 'waiting'."
and "I estimate 2,000-3,000 more Red-tails and 30 Golden Eagles (need the adults) could pass in December."
You might want to consider heading back down to the park if you have some time over the next couple of weeks on good northwest wind days...they might still be coming!

As this will be my last post I'd just like to say thanks again Frank for allowing me to conduct this year's Watch and also to run your blog site, it's been an absolute thrill for me from start to finish. I now hand the blog back over to you.

See you all again soon,

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