Sept 3rd A Normal Early September Day 32 Raptors

Today most of the raptors came after 11EDT,with a final total of 32 raptors being counted. Sharpshinned Hawks are clearly on the move as we had a few flurries of them,and many came in pairs. Being all juveniles this time of year,many are likely siblings travelling together. We saw one American Kestrel have a fight with a Sharpshin briefly. Thanks to Berle,Terry,Mike,Murray and Walter for coming out to enjoy the day.
Walter and Murray went over to The Cranberry Marsh Raptor Watch today,to enjoy their Family Raptor Day. From the sounds of it,it was quite successful,as the guys reported that there were many young people there with their parents,and parking areas were full. They also returned with several handouts with raptor information and records of Cranberry Marsh's Raptor Watch,as well as info on smaller birds. For Murray and Walter,I thank the organizers and the regular watchers at Cranberry Marsh for their hospitality.

Todays Numbers:
27-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
2-American Kestrels
32-Total Raptors

This brings our season's total to 299 raptors. Today we also saw 4 of the Blue Angels,practising for the Canadian International Airshow. We also saw a CF-18.
Walter and I saw a somewhat rare butterfly called an American Snout. We have several photos,which will appear on the Rosetta McClain Discussion Board(linked on the right of this page). The winds look good for tomorrow.

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