Hot,Hazy,Light NW Winds,Few Raptors

Though we had hopes for a better day,the winds just werent enough at only 10kmh to push birds near Rosetta McClain Gardens. Sites east of us had decent days,as their sitelines to the north are much better then ours. We did have a Coopers Hawk,land in the top of "the bare Pine" which Ann photographed. Upon review we believe it is a young male. We did not see it arrive,but when 5 American Crows flew near it and 2 took serious dives at it,I suggested to Ann that there was probably something in the Pine. There was and this is the photo she has shared.

Perched Coopers Hawk Courtesy Ann Brokelman

Later a Broadwinged Hawk landed briefly in the same tree,but alas Ann aimed and it took flight and went out of sight to quickly for her to react and get any shots of it.
Our final total was:
7-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
1-Broadwinged Hawk
1-American Kestrel
11-Total Raptors

With it being so hot,and very few raptors moving past,I packed things in by 12:30EDT. We also saw only 3,P-51s fly past from the airshow by that time.

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