Rain Rain Go Away Day Total 9

Well...Saturdays good conditions disappeared. Happily almost everyone read the weather right and stayed home today. A flurry of 2 Coopers Hawk,a Kestrel and an Osprey arrived at 10:01am,almost clashing. Luckily the good company helped pass a poor day. Ann got a couple of silhouettes today. I thought with little to report Id show 2. A Peregrine Falcon and an American Kestrel.

They are both in the falcon family. The Peregrine is the largest falcon we see in southern Ontario on a regular basis. The American Kestrel is the smallest. One defining feature of a falcon is the "sharp" wings. They are "pointed",while hawks have rounded wings. The Kestrel has a wing span of 23inches(58cm) and a length of 10inches(26cm),while the much larger Peregrine Falcon has a wingspan of 36-44inches(91-112cm) and a length of 16-20inches(41-51cm). In both species females are larger then males. In the case of Peregrine Falcons females can be up to 2/3 larger then the male,whose name is tiercel which means one-third.

Todays count was:



2-Coopers Hawks

3-American Kestrels

1-Peregrine Falcon

Conditions for Sunday remain excellent as at the time of posting 940pm Saturday.

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