No Birds,So You Get A Few Photos

Today no raptors were seen that could be counted at Rosetta. Peter Wood came by to show me his article on myself and the Rosetta McClain Raptor Watch. I will wait until the article is out before posting it. It is both complimentary and informative. It hits all the high points.
The photos are,my shot of 3 Peregrine Falcons in almost a perfect formation..they really put on a show. Thanks to Susan for her shot of a Turkey Vulture. Lastly a shot of a Redtailed Hawk,also mine.

The next couple of days dont look very good,thats to say the weather is too nice for much in the way of migration. Its unlikely I will attend the site on Wednesday. Friday through next Tuesday look like there are many promising days. Fridays strong east wind,Im interested to see what it brings. Depending on when predicted rains come Saturday,it could be very good. Sunday and beyond look excellent for good movements of birds.

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