East Winds Slow Day

There was no count the last few days,but I have included a few birds people saw while at Rosetta over the last few days. We counted today and saw only a few birds again. Total 34 Birds.
Saturday is iffy now as to whether there will be a large movement..we remain hopeful. I will be on site irreguardless of the weather tomorrow. Sunday still looks great for a big movement of raptors.

Recent count:
7-Turkey Vultures
1-Northern Harrier
13-Sharpshinned Hawks
4-Coopers Hawks
5-American Kestrels
1-Peregrine Falcon

This pushes this years total to over 1300 raptors. That is down significantly,owing mostly to missing a few big days of Sharpshinned Hawk counts. Because of weather conditions good and bad,fewer Sharpies have moved past the count area. Most other species aside from Harriers(as noted earlier likely a poor breeding year) are at the levels of previous seasons or even a little ahead. Large movements abit later of Redtails and Turkey Vultures will be necessary to make up the numbers.

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