Todays Total 231..YTD...5508

Eventually today became most of what was expected of it. Early arrivals were almost ready to pack it in for the day,when around 10:30am,a few vultures and Redtails were spotted circling together. While hoped for Golden Eagles failed to appear,all gathered went home happy. We saw a Bald Eagle at 4:15pm,many Redtailed Hawks near and far as well as several close views of a Northern Goshawk,which made several passes of the park(it may hang around awhile). With 4 or 5 other Redtailed Hawks,was what we believe was a dark-morph Redtailed Hawk. Jean got her scope on it,and the shape and pattern indicated the same. A new passerine for the park was recorded and photographed..Common Redpoll,a small flock of which landed in a tree almost right beside us. The large number of friends and visitors gathered,observed 231 raptors today.
21-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle
2-Northern Harriers
12-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-Coopers Hawks
3-Northern Goshawks
2-Redshouldered Hawks
185-Redtailed Hawks
1-Roughlegged Hawk
Thanks to everyone for their contributions today. Hundreds of Mergansers were seen feeding,down at the lake today.

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