Oct24 Day Count 90 YTD...5243

Today wasnt bad,but not near as good as Id hoped for. Bueteos were almost non-existant and no left over Vultures were seen. I havent heard but I dont think the strongish NW winds predicted ever materialized. Carol,Lee,Ann(on her lunch),Jaedon a newbie who joined us from the Toronto Birding Board(a message board),Margaret,Ron,Jean and myself saw a respectable 90 birds,though visitors had varying sucess. The 90 birds were made up of:

1-Bald Eagle(1:05pm Juvenile)

9-Northern Harriers

64-Sharpshinned Hawks

6-Redtailed Hawks

5-American Kestrels


We had great looks at a few of the Merlin,many Sharpies a few of the Harriers and the Bald Eagle which flew close into the bluffs. Also seen were a few flocks of Eastern Bluebirds,a Carolina Wren,thousands of Red-winged Blackbirds and a beautiful ,healthy looking Red Fox.

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