Oct 21 Adult Sharpies On The Move

The beautiful weather,that southern Ontario has been enjoying,kills migration. On the plus side,adult Sharp-shinned Hawks dont read weather reports,and seeing a good number of Sharpies is a guarentee right now. Once they decided its time to leave,they just go. Recently we have had many visitors,including my friends Rodger and Jane from Cheshire UK,Alan from New York via Grenada,Lee,Chris,Carol,Rob,Victor,Ron,Jean,Berle and others who I appologize to for not getting your names. Its been great to see so many first time visitors,that have now made return visits. New folks really make things more enjoyable,with new people to meet and get to know. All those extra eyes definetly help too. Today we added 98 raptors to the season total,breaking the 5000 raptor mark,which is 4 or 5 days ahead of last year. I will add several photos tomorrow,but wanted to get an update on. Todays total of 98 was madde up of
3-Northern Harriers
83-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk
1-Redtailed Hawk
4-American Kestrels
3-Peregrine Falcons(one very interesting one...stay tuned)

Our current total is 5069. Recently Pine Siskens and Surf Scoters were added to the ever increasing list of birds seen in,over and around Rosetta McClain Gardens,which stands at about 175(I will determine exact number soon). On Oct 20 2 small flocks of Eastern Bluebirds were seen flying past.

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