Oct 16th 68 Raptors...YTD..4895

Today,Rodger,Jane,Margaret,Murray and myself had a reasonable day,given the conditions. On the plus side,almost everything seen was very close and first time visitor Murray saw his first Rosetta raptor(the Bald Eagle). I enjoyed seeing the local Coopers Hawk harrass a Red-shouldered Hawk,which landed briefly in a tree along the bluffs for refuge. I took 2 steps in the direction of the tree to take a photo(it was at least 1/3 of the park away from me) and it took off. A few Redtailed Hawks streamed along the edge of the bluffs,followed by a juvenile Bald Eagle at 11:40am. All 4 Turkey Vultures also went right along the bluffs at or below eye level. It seemed there were definete lulls between short bursts of birds. The final total of 68 birds consisted of :
4-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle
9-Northern Harriers
21-Sharpshinned Hawks
5-Coopers Hawks
3-Red-shouldered Hawks
24-Redtailed Hawks
1-American Kestrel

The next week is very iffy...if it isnt raining I'll be there.

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