Record Season Soon...YTD Totals As At Oct 31

As of October 31,Rosetta McClain Raptor Watch is very close to breaking last fall's record total of 5675 raptors identified. The October 31 running total is 5513. The break down this fall is different from last fall,with a few species up considerably and others down. This gives me great hope for future years,as if all species approach record highs,a final season total in November could be considerably higher then all previous years. A big if I know but an intriguing thought none-the-less.Turkey Vultures,Sharp-shinned Hawks,Osprey and Peregrine Falcon totals are already at record highs. Very few of any of those species are expected over the next month,while Redtailed Hawks should be the bulk of the November birds,with a smattering of Red-shouldereds,Roughlegs,Goshawks and Golden Eagles.

Year To Date Sightings
1061-Turkey Vulture
29-Bald Eagles
381-Northern Harriers
2664-Sharpshinned Hawks
77-Coopers Hawks
6-Northern Goshawks
15-Redshouldered Hawks
177-Broadwinged Hawks
466-Redtailed Hawks
2-Roughlegged Hawks
7-Golden Eagles
426-American Kestrels
68-Peregrine Falcons(plus one with tethers)
So far this fall has been a great success,not only from a numbers standpoint,but also the new folks,introduced to raptor watching and birding generally. Ive really enjoyed mentoring newer people and learning from those more experienced who have joined me this fall. Truely its been a pleasure. A reminder that bathrooms are now closed,but just a few blocks up Kingston Rd are several restaurants and coffee shops.

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