Sept 5 A Nice Surprise

Though the day was overcast and even sprinkled rain on us briefly,myself,Ron,Jean,Eleanor and Colin saw a few good raptors,7 in all,including a Peregrine Falcon,Coopers Hawk,3 Sharpies,an Osprey and a nice surprise,a juvenile Broadwinged Hawk that landed in the park. It was harrassed by a few American Crows,and moved around within the park,giving us nice views. Its the first time in 3 years that a Broadwing has perched in the park. It was more heavily mottled than normally observed(at least by Colin and I). I got this quick photo,which while not as good as Id like does show the heavy mottling,obvious malar mark(dark stripe near eye) and fully marked chest(as opposed to belly banded Redtailed Hawk).
Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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