Aug 20th & 21st - Any Birds?

Hi folks,

I just received a report from Leon via Betty's email.  This morning at the Watch site Leon counted 2 Osprey, an American Kestrel, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, the local Merlin, and 105 people walking!

I received an update to the above from Leon via Peter's email.  Leon added our first Northern Harrier of the season and his people count was up over 125.

To add to that Ann had 2 Osprey while she was at the park this afternoon after work and I had an Osprey over the No Frills parking lot late this afternoon.

Thankyou everyone!  I've been absent from the park the last two days so if anyone else has seen any birds (excluding the locals) please let me know and I'll add them to the count.  I'll be back at the park early tomorrow morning, hope to see you there.


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