Aug 19th - A Few This Morning

With moderate winds blowing in from across the lake this morning a couple of birds decided to fly.  Osprey, eagles and falcons are birds that don't seem to mind a 'south' element in the wind.  They'll take advantage of the lift that's provided from the updraft coming off the bluffs and fly along on it.  By mid-day the winds became quite gusty and ended any hope we had for seeing more birds.

Osprey - 2
Bald Eagle - 1
Merlin - 1
Total - 4

To Date:
Osprey - 15
Bald Eagle - 5
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 4
Copper's Hawk - 1
Broad-winged Hawk - 8
American Kestrel - 3
Merlin - 4
Total - 40

Eagle Time (EDT):
10:30 AM - BE (juvenile)

Today we saw another Giant Swallowtail butterfly fly through the park.  Also, a Walking Stick was found - that's one cool looking bug if you've never seen one before.

At the park today were: Brian, Pat & Nancy, Carol, Don, Peter, Arvo, Leon, and new friend Krista.  Thanks everyone!



Angie in T.O. said...

Rob and I are aiming to be there Saturday afternoon. :)

Walter Fisher said...

Excellent, see you then!