August 3rd - More of the Same...but

Nuttin' again today but that's okay cuz a few are gettin' closer.  Today Ann reported seeing 1 Osprey and 7 Turkey Vultures over her neighbourhood roughly 6 kms away to the east.  If any of those birds got passed us at the park it wasn't for the lack of trying.  Betty and I scanned the sky for at least 20 minutes after we got the call.  The best we could do was a local Turkey Vulture and a local Red-tailed Hawk.

New additions today to the BIRDS, BUTTERFLIES and MAMMALS lists were a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird, a Downy Woodpecker, and the local Turkey Vulture for birds.  Butterflies species included Question Mark, Red Admiral and Viceroy.  No new mammals to report.

Lots of good folks stopped by today including Lorne, Pat & Nancy, Pat's brother Mike, Betty, and Gunnar and his wife Vivian.

With tonight's single digit temperatures in the north and tomorrow's predicted NW 20-25 wind in the GTA, that might just do the trick and bring us some early migrants.  Fingers crossed!


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Angie in T.O. said...

Rob and I are aiming to be there very early Monday morning. I want to see the sunrise over the Lake and enjoy the gardens, be our first time there since BigFrank passed, might be a little rough I think.