August 2nd - A Repeat

Day two is now in the books and unfortunately again we ended up with zero raptors - not really a big surprise.  Today was another gorgeous day to be out.  My time was split between looking for birds and chatting with Tom, Berle, Phil and his daughter Marrisa, Betty, Lee and several park walkers who all stopped by to say hi.

Much of what was observed yesterday was seen again today but I did manage to get a few new additions:

8:30AM - 12:30PM

Great Egret
Barn Swallow

Eastern Comma
Mourning Cloak

American Red Squirrel

Again today I had 2 Hummingbird sightings but like yesterday they appeared to be just flying through, not sure if they're stopping anywhere in the park.  This year's gardens unfortunately lack the Black and Blue Salvia flowers that kept so many Hummers and so many people happy last season.  There are likely other flowers that they'll stop and feed from but they may not stay so long at them.


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Lee said...

And we heard a Carolina Wren!