Record One Day Merlin Count..117 Raptors...YTD...6178

Today we finally got a reasonable wind and our count of 117 reflected that. In all 9 species were seen, many were close views. Todays highlight was 17 Merlin, a new one day record for Rosetta McClain Gardens. Each time another appeared it was hard to believe. At 17 they may have been undercounted as I made allowances thinking that one was a local several times. Knowing we saw 2 together a few times and 3 in a row in rapid succession, its possible that the true total was greater than 17. (as yet no photos, most flew by very quickly).

Todays birds were:
5-Turkey Vultures
10-Northern Harriers
56-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk
3-Red-shouldered Hawks
17-Redtailed Hawks
6-American Kestrels
17-Merlin(new one day record)
117-Total Raptors

A few Northern Harriers, Turkey Vultures and a Red-shouldered Hawk flew past very close and low. I did manage a decent Turkey Vulture photo and an interesting Harrier shot where it was looking over and checking us out.
Mike 4 got some great shots. There is a Redtailed Hawk flying out over the lake, a fantastic shot of a Northern Harrier and in my sleepy haze I almost forgot that we witnessed a great rumble between a Coopers Hawk and an American Crow. Thanks to Mike for these shots.

Patty sent along these shots of the  Coopers vs Crow "smackdown"

 We also had a few large flocks of Eastern Bluebirds today. Id imagine we saw 200-300 in total. Pine Siskins moved back and forth through the park much of the day too.
As near as I can tell so far, from other southern Ontario sites, noone had a huge day, so there still remain many Turkey Vultures and Redtailed Hawks to move yet. Through next Saturday there doesnt look to be a decent day for a large movement of raptors, so stay tuned and watch incase there are any changes in the weather predictions.

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