6 Raptors...YTD...6204

Terry2  reports:
Hi Frank,

Attending the hawk watch today were:

Cori, Ron P., Peter, Terry2, Bruce Falls and his wife,   and of course
cannot forget Beryl.
Lots of passing visitors, asking questions.
Total raptors:  6
RT - 5
TV - 1
(local TV - 1)

Lots of migrating Chicadees, Pine siskins,  Golden-crowned kinglets,
downys, Blue jays, Redwinged Blackbirds and  Redbreasted Nuthatches

Thanks to Terry for todays count. Im sorry I missed Bruce et al.

Keep an eye on the weather it keeps changing day to day so who knows what it will bring! Lets hope for the best!

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Terry 2 said...

Murray was there too! Terry 2