September 7th - 4 More Eagles

Today was a slow day as the winds were not as predicted from the northeast, they were mostly from the east and southeast all day. With the remnants of Hurricane Lee just across the lake the waves were constantly bashing the shoreline, making for a somewhat noisy day but nowhere near as bad as the guys using the sand-blasting equipment have been! Thank goodness they're done! Today's best bird was a juvenile Bald Eagle that flew by at eye level just out from the bluffs. Luckily Ann was at the Watch during her lunch break and was able to get some fantastic shots (once again!) An hour later Betty spotted another eagle flying up a little higher and as we watched it fly by, I noticed another one flying just behind it.

Osprey - 1
Bald Eagle - 4 (juvenile 11:36, 12:07, 1:10 x2)
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 14
Merlin - 1
Total - 20

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 14
Osprey - 36
Bald Eagle - 17
Northern Harrier - 29
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 303
Cooper's Hawk - 10
Broad-winged Hawk - 19
Red-tailed Hawk - 4
American Kestrel - 77
Merlin - 9
Peregrine Falcon - 1
Total - 519

Bald Eagle

Today's watchers were: Carol, Peter, Pat, Nancy, Lorne, Betty, Ann, Bill, and Mark.


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