September 21st - Silhouette Day!

With today's fog and overcast skies, it was a real challenge trying to ID some of the birds. A few of the Sharpies magically morphed in to Kestrel as they flew overhead. Many of today's birds flew above us or just out over the bluffs and many were gliding a little further as well indicating that they were flying on air rising up from the bluffs. This happens with any winds from the south or southwest.

Just when I think it's over:
As I finished packing everything up and was ready to leave I looked up one more time only to see a Sharp-shin fly through, then a back to the fence I went. Within a minute of standing there an Osprey appeared over the trees, then another Sharp-shin. That was the last bird I saw before the rain moved in.

Turkey Vulture - 1
Osprey - 2
Northern Harrier - 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 54
American Kestrel - 11
Merlin - 3
Total - 73

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 45
Osprey - 60
Bald Eagle - 27
Northern Harrier - 69
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 863
Cooper's Hawk - 15
Northern Goshawk - 2
Broad-winged Hawk - 742
Red-tailed Hawk - 10
American Kestrel - 232
Merlin - 46
Peregrine Falcon - 7
Total - 2118

American Kestrel

Our watchers and visitors today included: Ann, Theresa, Carol, Rodger, Jane, Betty, Terry 2, and Murray.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will more than likely not be at the park at all so if you go and you do see any raptors, please let me know as soon as you can.


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