September 18th - Only 9 Birds Today

Today we had a bunch of great friends on hand to watch the raptors fly by but unfortunately the birds didn't really care. The bird of the day was a juvenile Bald Eagle that almost got by us down low on the lake. A big thanks to Bruce for spotting it! The falcon that was in question today turned out to be a Merlin and not a Peregrine as I had originally thought. Thanks everyone for your input and Effi for the photo!

Bald Eagle - 1 (juvenile 9:50)
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 3
Merlin - 4
Peregrine Falcon - 1
Total - 9

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 27
Osprey - 58
Bald Eagle - 26
Northern Harrier - 61
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 761
Cooper's Hawk - 14
Northern Goshawk - 2
Broad-winged Hawk - 742
Red-tailed Hawk - 9
American Kestrel - 213
Merlin - 41
Peregrine Falcon - 5
Total - 1959

Not much in the way of non-raptor species flying today, the highlight was an unusual looking gull that flew over us several times. Photos of it have been sent to our 'Gull Experts' for identification purposes. A Black Swallowtail butterfly was seen along the top edge of the bluffs.

Today we had several watchers at the ready including: Bruce, Mike 2, Norm, Lee, Mike, Leslie, Harvey, Laura, Theresa, Effi, and Peter.


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