August 19th - Dog Days!

Well, the last couple of days have been amazingly quiet in the park. There have been no raptors moving and in the early morning there have been very few songbirds flying. The high heat, high humidity, and low to no winds have really put the kibosh on things lately. If the weather forecast stays the same, Sunday might bring us our first decent day. Let's keep our finger's crossed!

Speaking of quiet, our 2 minutes of exposure on TV has produced no new hawk watchers. Maybe over the weekend someone might stop by, time will tell. This is probably a good thing as, as many of you will agree, our little piece of land that they've so kindly allowed us to use at the park really can't hold more than the 20 or so regulars that we have now anyway. It was very nice of CTV News to do a story on us all the same.

Here's a few photos from Pat's camera for your viewing enjoyment.

Sadly, Carol in all her beauty was a day late for CTV News.

Our local Cooper's Hawk on the hunt for a meal.


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Anonymous said...

Great shots of Carol in the garden.
Beautiful cooper hawk.