6 More Raptors...A few locals put on a show.

This migrating Peregrine Falcon was photographed by Trudy,the gang also saw another that for now we are calling local. He put on a real show,flying back and forth around our viewing area over the course of about 90 minutes.

The local Redtailed Hawk did a few flybys and some kiting,putting on his usual show.

Thousands of gulls and Red-breasted Mergansers!
Thanks to Trudy for todays great shots.
Today Walter,Pat,Nancy,Carol,Lorne,Trudy and Hugh saw a few raptors,6 to be exact. The final tally was:
1-Northern Harrier
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
2-Redtailed Hawk
1-Peregrine Falcon
Friday could be a big day. Winds are predicted to be good,and with several days of south winds and rain birds could be backed up. Lets hope the birds read the memo!

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