Close Encounters...44 Raptors and Cudos

Today we had a count of 44 raptors. We had a decent mix of species. Many were very low and very nearby again. Several caused great excitement,whether we could count them or not. Thanks to Mike for taking over recording duties again this Saturday. It allows me to socialize and offer tips to watchers,as well as relax more. Welcome to first time visitor Delphine,glad you got to see a few nice raptors and enjoyed the gardens and some small birds too!
Osprey Over Rosetta

The "local" juvenile Redtailed Hawk was very photogenic today. It made several passes while hunting. Those gathered also got to watch as the gang of local American Crows harrassed the young Redtail. We had a banded Redtail go past too. We noticed this after the fact in one of Ann's great photos.

Banded Redtailed Hawk

Blue Jay vs Merlin
Blue Jays often squawk(alarm call) at birds of prey or owls,this is one way people looking for hawks or owls know to check the trees or the air well.

The "local" Merlin put on a show today. It perched several times. Chased assorted birds,including Blue Jays(we saw thousands of them today) and it made several passes of the park.

Here Ann has caught the Merlin perched and shortly after take-off.

"Local" Merlin in Flight

Cudos to Ann! Ann's photo was voted as the winner of Friends of The Osprey photo contest. This is her winning submission. Ann generously donated the prize back to the organization and the photo will be sold or auctioned to raise money for them. Ive asked Ann to do a little write-up about Friends of The Osprey,which I will post here at a date in the future.

Todays total was 44 and made up of


Bald Eagle...................2(both immature 1029am and 355pm)

Northern Harrier.......2

Sharpshinned Hawk.24

Coopers Hawk............2

Redtailed Hawk..........4

American Kestrel.......4


Peregrine Falcon........2

(no locals were counted of course)

The next few days are unlikely to have large movements of raptors,Friday-Monday look like there could be some decent counts. Last season around the same time with good conditions we got an early movement of Turkey Vultures. Stay tuned.

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