Still Some Birds Out There...15 Raptors

I heard the temperature from The Weather Network,and questioned whether I really wanted to suffer the cold. Fortunately,the weatherman was wrong,and it wasnt near as cold as he made out. Colin joined Walter and I until 1pm,Peter arrived around 2pm,Lee did a watch and run visit. We had great views of many of the Redtails today as they came in low just over the lake,before really working hard to gain altitude before carrying onward. A very large female juvenile Goshawk flew past giving us a great view. A Turkey Vulture flew through the middle of the park. The local Goshawk and 2 different local Sharpshinned Hawks passed by too,one landed briefly in the park. Each year,something odd or rare is usually observed at The Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch. Until today we hadnt had anything strange. Today at 1:17pm,2 Sandhill Cranes came through the park.just above tree level,over the fountain/rock. They were Walter's first ever and first time he'd seen them from Rosetta. I had seen them once before in the spring,but this was the first sighting for the raptor watch. After a few hot chocolates,Ive thawed out and am ready to go tomorrow. Currently tomorrows winds dont look great,but I will give it a go for a few hours. Next week from Tuesday forward looks like the remaining raptors will have several optimal days to decide if they will leave intime for our count or spend the winter in Ontario.
If U join us,a few reminders...BATHROOMS ARE CLOSED! .....DRESS WARM..hands and feet especially...WATCH YOUR STEP(its slippery in places)....DONT COME TILL AT LEAST 10AM.

Todays 15

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