Nov 20 Beautiful Day...41 Raptors

Walter and I arrived at the same time around 10:15am. At 10:45am we saw one interesting bird in the distance. I told Walter to stay on it. It was a dark morph Roughlegged Hawk. It passed reasonably close and as we watched it suddenly 3 more birds appeared circling together,it was 2 light morph Roughleggeds and another dark morph Roughie. What a start! Worth braving the snow. Redtails passed near and far,and at 12:38pm,2 Turkey Vultures were seen..abit odd this late. Another dark morph Roughleg went by with a Northern Harrier sort of buzzing it. At 1:50pm Walter and I saw an adult Bald Eagle..we give credit to Lee finding this one,as she called by cell to tell us a big dark bird was on its way towards us...from Markham Rd. We saw it awhile after she called. Our final total was 41 consisting of:
30-Redtailed Hawks
5-Roughlegged Hawks
1-Bald Eagle(adult,1:50pm)
2-Turkey Vultures
2-Northern Harriers
1-Sharpshinned Hawk

Friday we are going to give it a try,with early winds NW and later in the day West. Saturday looks good right now too,but weather is always subject to change. If U join us,dress very warm. Things have been starting up after 10am,Id almost say to wait till after 11am. Please step carefully,the path is slippery in many areas.

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