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The anticipated big day did not materialize. Yesterday winds were just too strong. Today as expected things started abit late noonish before much started to move,but the tap went off early,such that by about 230pm not much was flying. Judging by some of the flight paths,other birds were north of our site. We did have some excellent raptors though today,with 2 Red-shouldered Hawks in with a few Redtails. It was a good example of size contrast and the obvious markings on the tail of the Red-shouldered Hawk. We had a juvenile Golden Eagle at 1:08pm,Peter's first. We also had a Roughlegged Hawk,our first this season...a new bird for Walter and Peter. In the morning while no raptors flew by,an Eastern Bluebird landed in a tree next to us. Ann (would we expect less) got a few nice shots of it. Thanks to everyone for their help spotting today,with tough blue skys. Thanks to Betty for the hot chocolates! Today we saw:

2-Turkey Vultures

3-Sharpshinned Hawks

5-Coopers Hawks

2-Red-shouldered Hawks

50-Redtailed Hawks

1-Rough-legged Hawk

1-Golden Eagle

1-Peregrine Falcon

From here on unless there is a north element in the wind,its unlikely I will be present. Anyone who sees anything please let me know. The next days forecast with any potential are Monday or Tuesday(Tues looking better) right now.

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