Painfully Slow And A Piliated

Oct18-20 has been very very slow,no count was done on the 19th or 20th. The 18th saw only 7 raptors.


3-Redtailed Hawks

1-American Kestrel


A Piliated Woodpecker has been around the park lately. Today as Ann,Mary and I wandered the park looking for owls,I stopped Ann in mid-story as I heard the Piliated Woodpecker. Mary noticed where it flew and we were able to track it down..what a team. This is one of Ann's great photos of the female Woodpecker.

The next 2 days(Tuesday and Wednesday) have incredible potential to be the last of the MEGADAYS this season. While counts of 100+ on one or 2 more occassions may occur in November,the next 2 days offer a chance at some huge counts. If U join us DRESS VERY WARM.

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