Oct 14 Report..Slower Than Expected 46 Raptors

Firstly,sorry for the late posting. Secondly,sorry for the brievity of the post. A good group of birders joined me on Tuesday,hoping that predicted strong northwest winds would bring a large number of birds. To everyones surprise,despite good winds most of the day,a large flight did not take place. It would seem inclimate weather east of us probably held the birds up. By the end of the day,Walter,Mary,MaryUK,Gunner,Murry,Peter,LeeFrank Sr,Lynne,Mike and Katherine saw at least some portion of the following 46 birds of prey:
21-Turkey Vultures
2-Nothern Harriers
1-Coopers Hawk
8-Redtailed Hawks
3-American Kestrels

This brings the season total to 2547. I await a report of the birds seen Oct 15. Thursday through Saturday look like there is a chance for a big movement of birds. Fingers crossed the birds read the weather forecast! Remember no matter the forecast high temperature,dress warmer then U think U need,many hours standing in NW winds is cold!

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