Sept28 Great Winds Great Birds..317...YTD 2818

Today as expected was a terrific day. Only once did it rain,all other threatening clouds blew over. Winds were favorable all day long. Jean,Ron,Mary,Carol,Berle and I as well as several passersby,enjoyed 317 birds of prey.From 8-9am I had seen 30 raptors already,predominantly Kestrels,which continued all day. The number of Northern Harriers was also impressive,as we saw 65..very many very close views. Turkey Vultures have begun their migration,we saw 21. In all we saw 11 species. Our total was made up of:
21-Turkey Vultures
2-Bald Eagles(1pm and 1:20pm)
65-Northern Harriers
74-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk(plus the local)
21-Broadwinged Hawks
18-Redtailed Hawks
105-American Kestrels
4-Peregrine Falcons

A great day enjoyed by all. Very few of the birds were seen at long distance,most were very close up. Tomorrow looks good for a decent flight of birds.

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