Intermitant Light Rains..Day Count 67 YTD..2501

Braving some cool temps and very light intermitant rains,I tallied a respectable 67 raptors. 3 Bald Eagles passed Rosetta today,all juveniles,at 10:20am,1:20pm and 1:45pm. The first of the 3 was very close in,then went well out over the lake. All Osprey passed very close,2 circled above the park,begging to be looked at. A real surprise came when I was following a Sharpshinned Hawk with my binoculars. Suddenly I saw some distant birds behind it out a good distance over the lake. Suprisingly it was 10 Northern Harriers circling with 2 Broadwinged Hawks. All 4 Peregrine Falcons were very close. Ron thought one for sure was a tundrius adult. Final totals were:
3-Bald Eagles
29-Northern Harriers
11-Sharpshinned Hawks
12-American Kestrels
3-Peregrine Falcons

After a decent rainfall overnite,this was the first morning there was a significant fallout. Several warblers including Yellow-rumped,Black-throated Green,Nashville and Magnolia. Brown Creepers,many Nuthatches and over 100 Northern Flickers. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,American Pipets and thousands of Blue Jays migrated through. Today 7 Common Loons flew over..yessterday there were 24.

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