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Sep 16th & 17th - 28 Birds, 1 Eagle!

September 17th:
Northern Harrier - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 14
American Kestrel - 5
Total - 20

Other Birds:
Red-tailed Hawk (local), Merlin (local), Cooper's Hawk (local) and many songbirds.

Butterflies -  Mourning Cloak, Black Swallowtail, Eastern Tailed Blue, Eastern Giant Swallowtail, Silver-spotted Skipper, Question Mark, Red Admiral, American Lady, Painted Lady, Cabbage White, Clouded Sulphur, unidentified Blue sp. and unidentified Crescent sp.

Theresa, Walter, Jennifer, Peter, Arvo, Phil and others.

September 16th:
Osprey - 1
Bald Eagle - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 4
American Kestrel - 2
Total - 8

Eagle Time (EDT):
11:15am - BE

Other Birds:
Red-tailed Hawk (local), Merlin (local), and lots of songbirds!

Red-tailed Hawk (Arvo)

Theresa, Ella, Ann and Lee


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