Raptor Watch procedures for the 2017 season

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch as a Citizen Scientist.  Your observations are important.

The clipboard with the sign-in sheets for August-November and the 3 hole coiled workbook with a pen is in the Staff Office.  You will need to find a staff member to unlock the office to pick up the recording resources.  

Please start a new page for each day.  A day is from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm give or take.  You will notice on the sign-up sheet that the day is divided into a morning and afternoon time period.  10:00 AM - 12:30 and 12:30 to 3:00 PM.  Thank you for volunteering your time to help observe the raptors.

Record the species and record a tick count (IIII - groups of 5) of the number of each species of raptor that you observed during your watch in the workbook.  If you were lucky to see an eagle, please record the time of your sighting. There are 15 that are usually seen at Rosetta.  
American Kestrel (AMKE) , Bald Eagle (BAEA) , Broad-winged Hawk (BWHA), Cooper's Hawk (COHA), Golden Eagle (GOEA), Merlin (MERL), Northern Harrier (NOHA), Northern Goshawk (NOGO), Osprey (OSPR) , Peregrine Falcon (PEFA), Red Shoulder Hawk (RSHA), Red tail Hawk (RTHA) , Rough-legged Hawk (RLHA), Sharp Shinned Hawk (SSHA), & Turkey Vulture (TUVU).  

Please remember to also record the number of monarchs flying by and make note of other birds and mammals.

On a quiet day or if you have another commitment before 3:00 PM, it is ok to leave early.  If there is no one at the watch to hand over the workbook to continue recording, take a photo of the day's recording in the workbook and send it to rosettamcclaingardens at gmail.com or just email the totals to rosettamcclaingardens at gmail.com if you can’t take a photo. If you are able to get some photos, please send to rosettamcclaingardens at gmail.com and they may be chosen for the blog.  Please return the clipboard, workbook, sign-in sheets and pen to the office.  (You may have to find a staff person again).  If there is no staff around, please take the clipboard and let us know.

The process for recording is evolving.  Your comments and/or questions are appreciated.  Please either email them to rosettamcclaingardens at gmail.com or write them in the back of the workbook.

You are great!  Thank you for your contribution, Citizen Scientist.

Lee, Hugh, John, Betty, Terry

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