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Monarch tagging started today - tag numbers XAJ575 to XAJ584

Hi all,

I tagged 10 monarchs today at RMG to see if there was any migration happening.

Some observations:
1) None of the 10 tagged monarchs were seen again at RMG. 
2) 9 of 10 were males, which is to be expected.
3) Some of the males were extremely heavy.....big abdomens...full.  one was .96g heaviest I have ever weighed.
4) On release, all monarchs flew towards the fence and west indicating they were on the move.
5) Non tagged monarch movement is happening but very very subtle and slow.  
6) Tag numbers use XAJ575 to XAJ584.

I'd suggest we are still a few days from any real steady migration.  

No raptors seen at the hawkwatch. Too early.

Lots of other butterflies in the gardens!  1 real nice Viceroy!


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