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August 24-2017

Hi everyone,

A nice day with a good variety of birds!  Hugh, Walter, Sheldon, Berle, Ron and a few others were there and the following is what they saw:

Osprey - 2
Sharp-shinned hawk - 1 (our 27,000th all-time!)
Cooper's hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 1
Broad-winged hawk - 2
Red-tailed hawk - 1

And the biggest news:  Our first bald eagles of the season!

2 juveniles at 11:35
1 juvenile, 1 adult at 11:50

Local raptors included a group of 8 Turkey Vultures and 2 Red-tailed Hawks. 

Also seen migrating was a common nighthawk, common loon, and a great blue heron.  An Olive-sided Flycatcher was observed perched on a dead branch.  Thanks go out to Ron P for spotting the bird and identifying it.  Ron noted the white tufts on the sides of the rump while the bird was in a more relaxed position on the branch.

 Olive-sided Flycatcher (Walter)


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